CECLA METAL PROCESS design and make high performance thermal radiators for advanced applications.

General principle

Thermal radiator allows an exchange between a surface, heated by an electronic component, and the air.

There are two kind of radiators :

  • Natural convection radiators
  • Forced convection radiators

Several manufacturing technologies exist :

  • Extrusion
  • Set up ailettes
  • Brazed ailettes
  • Machining into raw material

Thanks to its ability with computational simulation, CECLA METAL PROCESS is able to develop a solution fitting your needs. See thermal simulation.

An electrical insulation can be added up to 15kV onto the component’s interface by integrating insulated resin. See our insulated solutions.


  • Simplicity
  • Cost


  • Matter : Aluminium 6000 / Cupper
  • Thermal resistance : 15 to 35°C/kW
  • Surface treatment : anodizing / suretec / nickel plating…

Examples of use

  • Natural convection radiator
  • Brazed radiator
  • HSHP radiator

CECLA METAL PROCESS combines the know-how on the diphasic technologie with its radiator’s range. The integration of heat pipes into a radiator increase the thermal conductivity of the base plate and thus spread the component’s thermal flow.

radiateur extrudé Dissipateur Brasé Dissipateur HSHP

Extruded radiator

Brazed radiator

Radiator HSHP (Heat Sink Heat Pipe)