Insulated coolers

CECLA METAL PROCESS combines an unique know-how by making high tension electrical insulated cooling solution.

General principle

In some high tension configurations of multi-scale power converters, it’s necessary to use oversized electronic components in order to respect dielectric norms of the application.

CECLA METAL PROCESS’ electrical insulated cooler allow to avoid the oversizing of the components in multi-scales’ topologies by adding insulation between the component its cooling system.


  • Economic on high tension multi-scale converters
  • Appropriate shape and dimensions for your component topology
  • Appropriate for on-board using, especially in the railway industry


  • Insulation : up to20kV
  • Thermal resistance : 15 to 55°C/kW
  • Fire-Smoke qualification :

o UL 94 VO

o Railway Classification I0 F0 according to NF EN 16-101 / 16-102

Examples of use

  • Insulated radiator
  • Insulated cold plate
caloducs isoles Plaque froide isolée Radiateur isolé

Insulated heat pipes

Insulated cold plate

Insulated radiator

Insulated cold wall