The experience acquired by CECLA METAL PROCESS on electronic’s component cooling allows us to understand the entire chain of a project development.

Project manager of your projects

Our ingeneers and technician can intervene in advance of your conception phase in order to guide you toward the optimals solutions.

Our R&D Department designs, bonding with your representatives (technical persons/project managers/buyers) the best solution regarding the cost, the delay and the performance.

Our business managers and our sales representative escort you for the respect of the planning and the budget of your project.

Equipment of manufacturing

  •        Assembly equipment
  •        Bending equipment
  •        Extrusion die
  •        Perforating equipment
  •        Vacuum injection equipment…

Tests equipment

CECLA METAL PROCESS is independent in the achievement of most of thermal and electrical tests corresponding to the performance of the products.


  •        Plates with electrical resistances in order to simulation the heat produced by an IGBT
  •        Test bench for heat pipes
  •        Test bench for liquid cold plate…