High power

Heat pipes cooler high power made by CECLA METAL PROCESS can evacuate from 0.5 to 30Kw.

Based on high section heat pipes, those coolers allow to evacuate losses created by power components such as IGBT, Press-Pack…

The cooler is designed to measure for your need :

  • Component’s contact plate adapted to your topology
  • Dissipation’s ailettes sized depending on the available area, the fluid and the flow.
  • Mechanical interface made up depending on your obligations.

Heat pipe coolers can be working with forced convection or natural convection.

An electrical insulation up to 15kV can be added on the component’s interface by integrating ceramic or resin. See our insulated solutions.

Examples of use

  • Cooler for railway on board converters CVS
  • Cooler for power electronic
  • Air/Air exchanger for overheated atmosphere
montage caloducs caloducs air/air montage a facon

Heat pipes cooler Surface/Air

Heat pipes cooler Air/Air

Heat pipes cooler Surface/Surface


Mur froid isolé à caloducs montage caloducs

Prototype of a heat pipes assembly

Heat pipes cold wall asembly

Heat pipes cooler Surface/Air