Mechanical conception and computational Simulation


CECLA METAL PROCESS assists you from the conception to the manufacturing of you solution. Our R&D department acquired a strong know-how for the conception and the sutdy of cooling solutions. We are able to propose mechanical designs in adequation with the thermal expectations and respecting you integration obligations.

Our feedback allow us to guide you toward the cooling solution that fits your needs by informing you on the integration of the system into your product in order to reduce the size and to optimize thermal perdormances.


We are using different software to answer your needs :

  •        SolidWorks for mechanical conception
  •        FloWorks for thermal and fluidic simulation


For your solution’s developpement, we assist you over the mechanical integration of our solutions thanks to a close relation with your R&D department in order to fullfil your expectations.

We can also propose a service of simulation (thermal and fluidic) of the solution with a study report that would justifies its performances.

Simulation carte electronique Simulation plaque froide Refroidisseur à caloducs

Electronic card simulation

Prototyping/Simulation Liquid Cold Plate

Prototyping/Simualtion Heat Pipes cooling system