High voltage insulated cooling solutions

CECLA METAL PROCESS is specialized in making electrically insulated cooling systems for electronics. In addition to the cooling of the electronic components, we provide an insulation of this component between the thermal interface and the cooling system.

General principle

Design of power electronic converters, implies complex constraints from security standards, particularly for railway applications like static inverters (SIV), battery chargers…

Cooling systems are generally linking clean area of the converter including components and currents from dirty area, where calories are rejected. An electrical insulation between these both areas can be necessary to fulfill dielectric security standards.

Two technologies can be proposed

Electrical insulation by ceramic

Ceramics are very interesting materials because of the combinations of their thermal and electrical propoerties.

  • Thermal conductivity : 20 à 170 W.m-1.K-1
  • Dielectric strength: 40 à 200kV.mm-1

We use plate and pouder of ceramic in order to achieve high voltage electrical insulations up to several kV without any compromises on thermal performance of the cooler.

Insulation by vacuum injection molding of resins (VIM)

CECLA METAL PROCESS has developed a unique process of injection under vacuum for insulation resins. This process allowed us to reach high voltage insulation up to 15kV, with very small thickness of material, leading to performant thermal conductivity.

We have now more than 15 years tracking records on this technology for power electronics and railway applications. With an excellent resistance to vibrations (soft insulation material), our solutions are commonly used for embedded applications.

Molding is made by an injection process applied under vacuum :

  • Dielectric test following EN 50124-1
  • Partial discharge test following EN 50178-1

Our resin is fire-smoke certified:

  • NF EN 16-101
  • NE EN 16-102
  • EN 45545 (in progress)

This technology is now becoming the reference for insulated coolers on the market.

CECLA METAL PROCESS is able to apply this process on any flat surfaces. Thus, it can be applied in combination with any cooling systems like :

  • Heat Pipes
  • Cold Plates
  • Heat Sinks
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Insulated Heat pipes

Insulated Heat sink

Insulated Cold plate