Heat pipe coolers

CECLA METAL PROCESS design and make all kind of heat pipe coolers for unitary to hundreds of pieces.

General principle

Heat pipe coolers use heat pipes’ effect in order to carry on calories onto a surface or a cooling fluid.

They are generally made up of 3 elements :

  • Evaporating plate : metal plate in contact with the electronic component to cool. The plate’s configuration adapts itself to the geometry of the component (dimensions, drilling, surface’s treatment).
  • Heat pipes : assembled with the evaporating plate, they carry on calories from evaporating area onto the condensing area. Their diameter ans their position vary depending on the power to extract. See heat pipes principle.
  • Condenser area : it can be made up with metal ailettes that allow the dissipation of calories into a fluid or a plate in contact with a cold surface.

Thanks to CECLA METAL PROCESS’ ability with computational simulation, solutions’ development are realized according to your needs. See thermal simulation.

An electrical insulation can be added to the cooler on the evaporating area and the condensing area up to 15kV. See our insulated solutions.


Advantages :

  •        Performance
  •        Independence system : none maintenance necessary
  •        Compacitedness
  •        Lightness
  •        Lifetime > 30 years
  •        Calories extracted from confined environment

Caracteristics :

  •        Dissipated power : 1W to 30kW
  •        Working temperatures :-50°C to +200°C
  •        Thermal resistance: 5 to 40°C/kW
  •        Dissipation : Natural convection / Forced convection / Contact

Applications :

  •        Power Electronic
  •        Railway
  •        Aerospace / Defence
  •        Telecommunication
  •        Medical
  •        Electronic in confined environment

Any other application needing the conduction of calories from a point A to a point B :

  •        Hotspot managing
  •        Homogenization of temperature
  •        Fluid/Fluid thermal exchange